iREL and its Partners

University of Brasília’s Institute of International Relations promotes many of its activities, such as seminars, conferences and lectures, in collaboration with other prestigious institutions related to the fields of International Relations and Foreign Policy, both in Brazil and abroad, namely:

 Brazilian Institute of International Relations – IBRI – The IBRI (Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais) is a non-profit association with cultural finalities, which has the mission of promoting the debate over contemporary international relations and the challenges of Brazilian international insertion. Founded in 1954, in Rio de Janeiro, and having operated in that city for nearly forty years, the institute has been restructured and reconstituted in Brasília since 1993. The institute has, from its origins, played an important role in the discussion of international relations and Brazilian foreign policy themes. IBRI operates in collaboration with cultural and academic institutions, Brazilian and foreign, by encouraging the undertaking of research studies, organizing discussion forums, promoting activities for the greater public (conferences, seminars and courses). IBRI also publishes, since 1958, the Brazilian Journal of International Politics (Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional), which has been a witness – and many times preferential agent – to intellectual and political movements that have renovated Brazil’s international actions, and has played an relevant role in the academic and political culture of the country. IBRI publishes also Bulletin Meridiano 47. Together with IBRI, iREL has been promoting many national and international events, such as seminars, lectures and conferences,.

Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation – FUNAG-MRE – The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation is a public foundation linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that has the objective of promoting intelligence in contemporary themes in international relations, more specifically about Brazil’s international insertion. FUNAG keeps a dynamic editorial program, which constitutes already the biggest bibliographic database in the fields of International Relations and Brazilian Foreign Policy in the country. Together with FUNAG, iREL has instituted the most important project for consolidation of a social sciences area on the Brazilian Internet about International Relations , an effort that has produced RelNet – Rede Brasileira de Relações Internacionais (Brazilian Network for International Relations). In addition, lectures, seminars and other events are also organized by the two, and in collaboration with other institutions. FUNAG has supported, since its creation, the Americas Model United Nations – AMUN events, an initiative undertaken by the students at iREL.

National and International Cooperation

Among several other international agrements, we can list:

  • Universidad Católica Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina). At least one annual teacher exchange between the two programs, as a part of subjects and conference series, as well as graduation student exchange;
  • Universidad Três de Febrero (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Teacher exchange in the post-graduation areas of both universities, especially in the subject of International Trade;
  • Universidad Nacional del Centro ( Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina). Teacher exchange in the post-graduation area in Historiography of International Relations;
  • Universidad de El Salvador (San Salvador, El Salvador). Periodic Teacher trips with the objective of subsidizing qualification of Salvadorian teachers in the area. This program is supported by the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation-ABC of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinated by professor Alcides Costa Vaz.
  • Paris Institute of Political Studies “Sciences Po” (Paris, France). Graduation and post-graduation student exchange programs, promotion of joint courses and definition of a vast research agenda.